Starting from the Present or the Future

An enthusiastic and driven believer who carries out an idea will pay little attention to the present, but will look at the future and focus on what it takes to realize his idea. A careful and circumspect person, with a specific and structured objective, using careful research and planning, will plant himself in the present and methodically build the project.

Reading this, you may ask, isn’t this semantics? I assure you it is not.

If your personality fits that of the “idea man or woman,” it is very easy to get carried away with your own thoughts. Due to your lack of research, available resources and a basic development plan and time table, your project, brilliant as may be, will never materialize. At the same time, if you more resemble the methodological low risk taker, your project may never make it to first base, as you get too involved in the myriad issues that you imagine have to be addressed and answered before you even begin.

These are the differences in approaches created by the personality of the developer. But differences also arise from the project itself. A high-cost, complex organization, or one requiring substantial assets, simply can not be created on the fly and disregards the reality of the present. On the other hand, a simple one-person venture, with low upfront costs and “asset light,” requires much less research, funding and people, and, thus, can be created with mostly inspiration and flair.

Thus, if you know yourself to be an idea person, pay extra attention to the reality of the present, make an inventory of your available assets and where to acquire others, carefully plan how much funding you need, and be sure the forecasted profits are enough to make the project worth while. Also, discuss the project with other peoples and get their advice

If you are the low-risk-taking type, look at the future and imagine the many benefits your new venture will create. You will see how those benefits far outweigh the problems you see in the here and now, and you can follow your inner voice and believe in your project.