On a New Path? Step One: Create Your Essential Assets Inventory

Dear Friends,

The positive reactions I received last month from going live with my new website to introduce my new Executive & Organizational Coaching practice, has made me decide to, from time to time, post a letter or “blog” in which I highlight certain aspects of my coaching practice.

I’ve posted the first of these letters. It describes an important practical step you have to take when considering a new venture of any kind, personal or organizational, for profit or not. It is the creation of one’s Inventory of Essential Assets. Identify and list all your personal, professional, physical and immaterial assets, talents, strongpoints, whatever you may call them, which you can apply to the new venture. You have to be honest to yourself and realistic. And then list all the assets you do not have, but need to acquire from others. It sounds simple, it is simple, but many people skip this stage, and that can prove to be costly later on.

Enjoy the read,

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