• I work with young entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a new venture

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My name is Hendrik Laverge, and I am an executive and organizational coach. I assist people in identifying and achieving individual and organizational goals.  Client objectives range from expanding an existing business or embarking on a completely new project.

After training as a lawyer, I spent the majority of my career as a banker and a senior financial executive for a variety of banks and multinational institutions in the US, Europe and Asia.  I’ve also worked as an independent consultant and entrepreneur, with interests in Europe, Asia and the United States.

In addition to my professional experience I’ve served as a board member, trustee and volunteer for mission driven organizations including: The Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church (New York), Saint Barnabas College (South Africa), Leiden University (The Netherlands), Covenant House (New York), Gallop NYC (New York), the Lake Placid Institute (New York).

Throughout my career I’ve been a passionate advocate for the individuals and team members with whom I’ve worked and so I earned my certificate as an Executive and Organizational Coach from New York University and have transitioned into executive coaching as a full-time career.


“I have worked with Hendrik for years and have valued his advice and counsel greatly. He can pierce through complex issues quickly, personal and organizational, which insight is invaluable.”

— William

Investment Banker

“With commitment, excellent listening skills and good sense, Hendrik showed us to enjoy what we are good at, and how to be mindful, realistic and focused on long term success, without which our firm would not have thrived as it has.”

— Frederick


“Hendrik has coached me with insight in finance and the business framework, but also with life's broader perspectives. He works well with people of all levels and not only adapts, but understands cross cultural dynamics when dealing with international clients. It is one of those rare opportunities in life when you meet someone who has such positive influence, for which I'm thankful.”

— H.S. Tan

Corporate Executive

“Hendrik never fails to give a different perspective of my situation and assists in finding ways to resolve it. I’m Chinese, who believes that is good fortune to have a GuiRen (an important person to help in one’s life). Hendrik is my GuiRen.”

— Sogoh

CFO, International Trading Company

“I found Hendrik the finest coach I have had the fortune to know, his perspective is wonderfully diverse, as he helps you to determine your options and evaluate your needs and goals, and make the right decisions, not the easy and convenient ones.”

— Craig


“It is a pleasure to work with Hendrik, always insightful and thoughtful. He is not reluctant to push gently for more original approaches to problems, in a way which builds self-confidence. He has been very to our growth, and we are grateful for his help.”

— Alicia

Executive Director Not-for-Profit

“I have had the pleasure to be on the receiving end of words of wisdom, sound advice and common sense when working with Hendrik. I recommend a no nonsense dose of Hendrik to all.”

— Alexander

Corporate Consultant, Rotterdam

“As someone who has benefitted from his advice and guidance over the years, I know how much Hendrik has to offer in a coaching role.”

— Vincent

European Investment Strategist

Working Together

How will we work Together?

My personal coaching style, and success, is to assist my clients in applying certain general  truths and practices to themselves , these are :

-People often undervalue their own talents when thinking about starting a new venture:

I encourage my clients to participate in a self assessment to build an inventory of their own talents and identify which areas  need outside expertise.

-It is much easier to identify reasons not to do something than to find  the courage and motivation to do it:

I  let my clients define what they ultimately want to achieve and help them develop a step by step plan to achieve that goal.

-Lack of self-confidence and apprehension often keeps people from freely communicating their thoughts, ideas and aspirations:

Open communications with my clients is the key to all success. I encourage my clients to communicate freely about their goals, ideas, and new ventures, by sharing my own thoughts and offering the assurance that I respect their confidentiality under all circumstances.

The Process

Prior to engaging in a coaching relationship, I meet with prospective clients for a face to face meeting.  This meeting is free of charge and used to explore objectives, clarify process and determine if there is a good fit.

Following the initial meeting, I will prepare a one page proposal with a recommended schedule, approach and deliverables, including a confidentiality agreement.

Hendrik Quote

“The key success factor for any project is people—people who through intelligence and hard work have set a clear goal, are willing and able to communicate this goal, and above all, believe in mutual respect.”

— Hendrik Laverge